8月2日、未来館でハチの巣がアツイ!/Honeycomb workshop at Miraikan, 8/2/2012




Hi everyone! It’s Megumi. It’s been hot and wet here and that turns me off. Something sweet is my lifesaver. A spoon of honey boosts me up, especially with a cup of strong tea or coffee. It’s a joy to taste different flavors from different kinds. Yes, honey has been my must item.



Recently, I became interested in honeycomb, too. Isn’t the hexagonal shape beautiful? Do you know why it’s hexagon but not triangle nor square? Probably, Google will give you quick and reliable answers, but I want to find that out with real experiments, don’t you?



Good news!  On August 2nd, 2012, we will have a workshop on Hexagons. Click here to sign up now –Deadline is 7/17! (If you don’t read Japanese, please contact me by writing a comment on this blog entry.)



The 90-min workshop will be packed with fun activities! I’m hoping it won’t be too much;-) Here are some activities that I am planning.


We can easily find honeycomb structure applied in our daily life, such as trains, aircraft, spacecraft and more! In this workshop, you’ll see real materials. Another exciting item is honeycomb film, a product of new technology on regenerative medicine by Fujifilm Corporation. We’ll look at its micro-structure with an electron microscope.



Dr. Masatsugu Shimomura will offer scientific views during the workshop. Dr. Shimomura is a leading researcher in the field of “biomimetics.” It’s a rapidly growing area that designs and engineers materials and systems for sustainable societies by using structure and function from biological systems.


I am totally excited about the event and working real hard to make it fun and successful! I look forward to learning more about the honeycomb with you and possibly develop new biomimetic technologies!?!?!?


★ 今回のイベントは、未来館友の会のみなさんにご参加いただけます。今後、全てのお客様に参加いただけるプログラムにできるよう、スタッフ一同がんばります!

Miraikan members are eligible to attend this event. We’ll do our best to make this event regular program for everyone in near future.