Yoga × Geo-Cosmos=Tsunagari ∞



I wish I could have a yoga session under the Geo-Cosmos (a huge earth-like display) together with visitors. I’ve been thinking that ever since I started working at Miraikan two years ago, and it’s finally going to happen!


“Tunagari Yoga –me, everyone and the Earth-“, on March 30th.


Yoga at a science museum? How so? Well, it is a combination of Yoga and Geo-Cosmos, both of which are powerful stress releasers and deep relaxation tools.


Yoga means Tsunagari (link or relationship) in Sanskrit. So Tsunagari Yoga got double linkages… actually triple (you, people around you and the Earth), or more. This is a perfect event for Miraikan, which is now super hot for the Tsunagari project. Imagine, you experience the Tsunagari between yoga and science museum!



You might think yoga is somewhat starry-eyed. It’s probably because you can’t see or measure the healing effects of yoga, even though yoga has amazing regenerative powers. .



It was eight years ago when I first encountered yoga. I was a student in East Lansing, Michigan, USA. I joined a yoga class at my dorm. When I entered the room, I saw ~10 people and an Indian-looking bearded guy imitating a “butterfly” as a yoga practice. I got so scared. But, I thought it was rude to step out the room. I made a big decision --- to be a butterfly. 


[caption id="attachment_25081" align="aligncenter" width="300"] 足の裏をあわせて座り、ヒザを上下にバタバタしていました(注:浮いてはいませんでした)/ They put soles together and shook knees up and down (but they weren't floating).[/caption]



Then, something unbelievable happened. I felt such peace…, gently flying like a butterfly. I thought the Indian-looking guy got control of my mind. I was screaming inside, “I’ve got to get out of here!!” But I it wasn’t so long until the session was done. Everything looked to me as it was.



That mysterious experience made me so curious,”How did those yoga practices bring me to that mind status?” I started to attend the class every week. One day another guy (he said he taught yoga to the Indian looking guy) asked me if I wanted to be a yoga teacher. I said yes without thinking much. I think I really wanted to know why yoga makes me feel so good. In a short time I started teaching at churches and community centers.



When I was finishing up my school program in Michigan, I heard my inner voice say, ”I can’t leave Michigan and the people I connected with through my yoga activities”. That is one of the reasons I decided to move on to a graduate program in Michigan. I am so thankful to my professor who allowed me to be a busy yoga teacher during our busy research project.



Now yoga is my lifework. I feel like yoga can “speak” to every person, without words. You might notice by now, Tsunagari yoga is not Hatha yoga, Ashutanga yoga or power yoga, but a freestyle yoga. There are no rules. No experience is needed. Everyone is welcome.



Come and spend a peaceful Tsunagari time together under the Geo-Cosmos!