火星ゆきチケット、お見逃しなく!/Don't miss the ticket to the Mars!



Happy New Year! I hope you had a good start of the year.


「ムラシマさんの2012年を"物モ風"に4文字で表すと?」    先日、同僚の突然の質問に、


“What’s the word that expresses your 2012?” A colleague of mine asked me. “Space.” The word came out of my mouth surprised me. I was a person who mixes up telescope and microscope up until a while ago. This year I will continue growing my love for space❤

 ○●○ちなみに「物モ」は、未来館の展示「インターネット物理モデル」のことです。黒白ボールでEメールのしくみが分かります ●○●

そんな2013年の始まりにぴったりのニュース。Mars One というNPOが2023年に火星に飛び立つ人の募集に向け、具体的な応募条件を発表しました。

Here is perfect news(!) from Mars One, an NPO, who has been preparing to send a human to Mars in 2023. They announced base requirement for the astronaut selection program.

[caption id="attachment_22427" align="aligncenter" width="430"] 2023年、火星のイメージ / Mars, 2023 (Image by Mars One)[/caption]



It takes at least a year for a round trip to Mars. Exposure to a non-gravity environment for such a long period might weaken bones and muscles irreversibly. I was excited and curious about the technology that makes a manned Mars trip possible.



The next moment, a phrase caught my eye. “Human settlement in Mars”.



That is, the astronauts will not return to the Earth.



What a shift of thinking! I was so thrilled when I read that there is no requirement for nationality, academic degree, or language, as long as the applicant is 18yr or older. So, I am eligible! I went to their website.



They haven’t started accepting applications yet, but indicated they will select the candidates by the first half of 2013. The qualification was quite new to me. It was true that they don’t really care about applicants’ professional careers, but rather put great value on humanity.



Their stance on emphasizing applicants’ potential ability rather than visible ability seemed to me like their respect and responsibility for sending Earth creature to another planet.



Well, I knew I won’t be the one (sigh…). Our representatives will be selected soon from across the globe. Let's keep an eye on it!



Flying to Mars... it is still like a dream to me (embarrassing as a citizen of a leading country in space technology!), even though a manned Mars mission has long history. I wonder what people think about space development. The draft for the “Basic plan for space policy” was released recently. The summary of public opinion will be up soon. I got to check it out.



Now, I have to be ready for my future grandchild calling me from the Mars!



ご参考に!WIRED が応募者募集について、わかりやすくまとめています。